Volunteer Appreciation Afternoon
Sunday, April  28, 2019
From 2 PM to 4 PM

Wine and Cheese

To thank our members for all their contributions to the Glooscap Curling Club.

Glooscap would not exist without the dedication of each and every one of you!

Could we have had a better weekend? I don't think so! First, the reason we hosted was to crown the winning teams for the province. Little did we know we would claim both of them! Our winning teams, Team Sanford (Holly, Kim, Lynda and Nancy) and Team Anderson (Scott, Ian, Shane and Alan) did us proud as they claimed the titles. We're looking forward to seeing your provincial banners hung in the ice shed:).

No event can be staged without the help of many and this one was no exception. Alena Turnbull organized our registration and we missed seeing her smiling face greeting the teams. Hope you are feeling better. Keeping the players in order, doing coin tosses and gathering signatures was capably handled by Ryleigh Lake and Bruce Turnbull. Long days were put in by both.2019 Club Curler Alan Marshall Scott Anderson

Talking about long days, our ice crew (Perry Graves, Peter Milne, JP Boudreau and John MacDonald) led by Tony Stirling did an amazing job keeping the ice competition worthy!

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